David Fizdale says he receives encouragement from James Dolan "every game" despite the rumors of his dismissal.

"Every game, every game. Jim Dolan comes in and gives me a vote of confidence, a pat on my back and really has just been incredibly encouraging over the last year and a half or whatever it's been. All we talk about is just sticking to the process of making these guys better and building for a future of sustainable winning," said Fizdale.

The Knicks are 2-2 since Steve Mills and Scott Perry gave an impromptu press conference addressing the direction of the team.

Fizdale added that he didn't know the press conference would take place, but didn't mind it.

"But at the same time I wasn't disappointed our shocked or anything like that. It was like, "We do got to play better basketball. We do got to get to a place where we start to trust eachother and do the things necessary to give ourselves a chance to win every night. So we (he, Mills and Perry) spoke immediately after that and, like I said, I'm in the trench with those guys," said Fizdale.