Carmelo Anthony's trainer Alex Bazzell told Ian Begley of SNY that Anthony was open to changing his game to fit in with the Portland Trail Blazers, adding that they worked on making quick decisions with the ball.

"The biggest thing was making quick decisions off the catch. He's had the luxury of being one of the top 10 players in the world, in my opinion -- top 5 players at one time -- in his career. So he just got accustomed to kind of holding the ball, letting everyone else clear out so he can kind of go one on one. In the new NBA, in the role that he's being asked of, that wasn't something he was going to be able to do more often than not," said Bazzell. 

Bazzell, who had Anthony guard Sixers guard Raul Neto for 20 minutes at a time, said Anthony understood that he needed to improve aspects of his game. 

"He was actually extremely receptive. I was actually kind of surprised that a guy who has had that much success playing a certain way (was so receptive). He was completely bought into the (idea that on) the defensive side of the ball, he's got to get better. He was bought into not being able to hold the ball (on offense)," added Bazzell.

Bazzell also said there was never any discussion about this upcoming year being Anthony's last season.