Shane Keisel, who received a lifetime ban from all Vivint Smart Home Arena events last March, filed a lawsuit against the Utah Jazz and Russell Westbrook claiming he was wrongly accused of shouting racist and derogatory terms against the current Rockets player.

“Mr. Keisel’s heckling was of the same kind and caliber as that of the other audience members in the section,” the lawsuit claims.

Keisel received the lifetime ban after video circulated of Westbrook shouting at Keisel and his girlfriend Jennifer Huff.

Westbrook said that Keisel shouted racist comments towards him during the game, with Keisel telling Westbrook to "get down on your knees like you used to." 

The lawsuit claims that Westbrook misheard or mischaracterized Keisel's comments. 

Keisel, who was fired from his job, claims that he and his family members were harassed following the incident. 

Attorneys are seeking $68 million for Keisel and $38 million for Huff.