Alvin Gentry said that the New Orleans Pelicans need to get Zion Williamson the ball more often following their 117-109 loss to the Houston Rockets.

"Zion can't go four minutes without touching the basketball and that's on me. That's something that I've got to make sure that will never happen again. So I take responsibility for that. And if we're not gonna give it to him and not gonna execute, then we gotta have different people in the game," said Gentry following the loss.

Williamson finished the game with 21 points and 10 rebounds in 33 minutes.

Gentry added that the team can't use the excuse that they are still adjusting to Williamson. 

"Nah, you gotta throw him the damn basketball. I mean it has nothing to do with playing together, figuring it out. He's got an advantage and we gotta find a way to get him the basketball down there. So I'm not buying the playing together or figuring out anything like that. We have to have him have touches in the fourth quarter."