Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin recently proposed starting and ending the NBA season two months than they currently do in order to avoid footballl. Due to the NBA suspending the 19-20 season because of COVID-19, the league may be forced to adopt 

"I even had one team president, who I respect, who I think has some level of influence in the league said to me the other day that he never really liked that Koonin idea, but the more he thinks about it now, the more it does intrigue him," said Adrian Wojnarowski. 

"That will be interesting. It may come out of necessity that next season starts in December and ends deeper into the summer. It would be a fundamental change to the calendar. Summer League, the draft, free agency...they're all moved back.

"Would you do Summer League in Las Vegas in late August or early September?

"I do think that idea is going to be entertained because it seems as though, even in the best case scenarios, next season probably has to be moved back."

The NBA was already open to the idea before the suspension of the season.

"You're going to hear more about that idea and maybe it gets tested out of necessity."

Bobby Marks outlined what the new NBA calendar would look like.