During a roundtable discussion at the White House with President Donald Trump on Monday, Tilman Fertitta talked about the "devastating" economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and then referenced Daryl Morey's tweet expressing support for Hong Kong.

"I should've realized that it was going to be a bad year for China when my general manager tweeted out, you know, 'Freedom for Hong Kong,'" Fertitta said. "That started my year."

Trump told Fertitta that Morey "did cause you a little ruckus," and asked if Morey still worked for the Rockets.

Despite pressure from Chinese officials, Fertitta has never wavered on Morey's job security. On the night of Morey's tweet, which was quickly deleted, Fertitta told ESPN that the Rockets did not have political leanings and distanced from Morey's tweet but said that he was "the best general manager" in the league and would continue in his role.

Trump quipped: "He must be pretty good."

Replied Fertitta: "It's a trick question, but he is."