Jamal Murray said that the Denver Nuggets can win the 2020 NBA title, adding that he doesn't think any team can beat them in a seven-game series.

"We know we can go win the title. Me and Joker have been in Denver this whole time, working out. ... we don't think that there is a team that can beat us in a seven-game series when we are playing at our best," said Murray.

The Nuggets are currently third in the Western Conference with a 44-20 record.

Murray added that Nikola Jokic has slimmed down, and looks much more athletic.

"Hey, Joker got a little four pack. I love it. ... Remember, probably [my] second year [2017-18], how skinny Joker was. ... It is kind of weird to see him like this where he is a lot more athletic, he is moving a lot better."