Arturas Karnisovas said that the Chicago Bulls were looking for "creative ways" to continue to develop their players after not receiving an invite to resume the season in Orlando.

“I do agree with you that not playing puts us in a competitive disadvantage. But I think there are creative ways to (stay sharp)," said Karnisovas.

Teams who left out of the regular-season's resumption have proposed putting on their own mini summer leagues, training camps, and scrimmages to develop their players.

Karnisovas said he and new general manager Marc Eversley will run through their options once they return to Chicago.

“We’re getting now on calls and we’re having conversations about how we can develop our players and how we can have a structure in place to get some practicing and possibly some scrimmaging possibly in the offseason to catch up to those teams that are going to be playing. The work obviously never stops. I informed the players that we will inform them depending on what the league is going to allow us to do this summer, and we’re going to go from there.”