Vlade Divac had no intention of stepping down as general manager of the Sacramento Kings as he flew out of Orlando at the end of their season.

Sources tell Sam Amick of The Athletic that Divac had a phone conversation with Vivek Ranadive on Friday morning about the future of the front office. Ranadive suggested Joe Dumars assume a larger role and be given final say on the roster with him working side by side with Divac.

Divac had zero interest in that type of structure, sources tell The Athletic. 

Divac and Ranadive decided to take a break from the discussion and pick the talks back up later. Divac said he could conduct exit interviews and then speak again afterward.

When they talked again, Ranadive made clear he was intent on making this move and needed Divac to agree to it. Divac was firm that he wanted no part of it and that full autonomy was needed to continue taking on this passion project.

Divac will be paid the remainder of his contract though 22-23.