Gregg Popovich has been linked to the Brooklyn Nets' head coaching vacancy for the past few weeks and there hasn't been an outright statement refuting the possibility he would consider leaving the San Antonio Spurs.

When asked about the future of Popovich by CNBC's Jabari Young, R.C. Buford said the Spurs are “under the assumption” Popovich is returning. 

“I don’t know if he’s told Brian (Wright) any differently,” Buford said. “Pop’s shown nothing other than how we’re going to build our team for next year.”

But Buford added: “Pop’s vision will be in play long after his presence. That doesn’t mean it’ll be him in there making those decisions, but we’ve all learned together, and you’re not going to step away from a values-based, team-building aspect that focuses on culture and coming to work every day and working on it.”