Kyle Lowry said that the Toronto Raptors need to focus on getting one game following their 102-99 loss to the Boston Celtics in game 2.

The Raptors are down 2-0 in the series.

"We just lost two games. We have a chance to get one game. That's all we have to do. Get one game, and take it one game at a time. The Celtics, they are playing extremely well. We have to find a way to get ourselves going better," said Lowry after the game.

The Raptors were also down 2-0 last year to the Bucks in the Eastern Conference finals before winning four straight games. 

The Raptors lead by as many as 12 points in the third against the Celtics, and started the fourth quarter up 78-70.

Nick Nurse echoed Lowry's sentiment.

"We know the next game is super critical. But they are all critical. They are. But we know this one is super critical."