The Milwaukee Bucks are confident Giannis Antetokounmpo will sign the supermax contract extension this offseason.

"The Bucks are operating with, what's the correct verb?" said Brian Windhorst on The Hoop Collective Podcast on Tuesday evening.

"You're asking me for a verb? You're asking me to name a verb?" replied Zach Lowe.

"What's the correct verb for the way the Bucks are operating? They're operating under the belief Giannis is going to re-sign. It is not 100 percent, but they don't do these deals unless they feel really good about it. They feel better about it now than they did before. I think some people feel like these deals are being done to woo Giannis. I don't think that's happening, Zach. I think the Bucks are operating with knowledge. They're doing these [deals] knowing that these players they're acquiring for the foreseeable future with Giannis alongside them. Whether or not that's a mistake, we'll see. But I think there's a lot of excitement in Milwaukee. And I think there's a lot of excitement within the Giannis group right now. I think the momentum will continue."

Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Tuesday that Antetokounmpo has been "looking for reasons to stay" rather than "looking for reasons to leave." Wojnarowski added there's "a high confidence" Antetokounmpo will commit long-term to the Bucks.