RJ Barrett said that playing without fans at Madison Square Garden could turn into an advantage for the New York Knicks with opponents not as motivated to put on a memorable performance.

“Actually having no fans might be an advantage. I know if I was a competitor coming into the Garden with all those fans, I’d want to have a great game.

"So coming in there with no fans actually probably gives us an advantage that way too. It’s just you have to go out there and play basketball," said Barrett.

Barrett reiterated that MSG was his favorite arena, and that all players would have to adjust to games without fans.

"For us, especially for me, having played in the Garden with all the fans and knowing how special it is to be on this side, I still think it’s an advantage for us (to play in front of fans), because I love playing in the Garden. For everybody else, I don’t know, I can’t speak for them.”