Kawhi Leonard admitted that he was fighting through issues with his left hand following the Los Angeles Clippers' 106-100 loss to the New York Knicks on Sunday.

Leonard fell on his hand his hand against the Lakers on Thursday.

"Being 70-whatever games we're in right now, you're gonna have nicks and bruises. Just gotta keep fighting through it. You know, put up shots, gotta get used to it and I'm not gonna be worried about it. Just gotta keep going, pretty much," said Leonard on Sunday.

Leonard added that while his ankle felt fine, his hand issue is causing him frustration.

"No, ankle's good, it's just more of me falling on my hand at that point. [Happened] second, third play of the game, it's frustrating. But other than that, I'm good, I'm good. I've been through worse situations."