Ben Simmons has informed the Philadelphia 76ers that he no longer wants to remain with the franchise and does not intend to report to training camp.

Simmons met with Josh Harris, Daryl Morey, Elton Brand and Doc Rivers last week in Los Angeles. 

The 76ers have been attempting to trade Simmons for the second time since December and his trade value across the league has gone down.

Simmons has four seasons and $147 million remaining on his deal and he's prepared to accept the consequences of a fine for now reporting to camp.

While there are plenty of teams interested in trading for Simmons, the asking price sought by the 76ers has been beyond what most would consider to be his fair market value. 

“Think about three months ago when the Sixers are willing to give up Ben Simmons. You are like, ‘Let’s see what we have to do to get him,’” said a Western Conference executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Now, the difference is Ben Simmons says he refuses to play for the Sixers. He wants to go to three California teams. There’s so much bad blood between him and the team.”

The executive said teams are not willing to give in to the Sixers’ steep asking price knowing they have to move Simmons.

“The kid said he’s not going back,” the executive said. “I’m not giving you what you’re demanding. They really messed this up.”