The way the New Orleans Pelicans handled Zion Williamson's return from meniscus surgery during his rookie season "caused significant tension between him and the team's medical staff," sources tell The Times Picayune. 

The relationship between Williamson and David Griffin had also begun to sour during his rookie season. Griffin tried hard to forge a bond but they communicate infrequently now. While the Pelicans were in the bubble, Griffin asked to meet with Williamson and played the piano for him.

Some who spoke to The Times-Picayune for their story said they feel there is a discrepancy between what Griffin sold and what he has delivered. 

When “The Last Dance” documentary aired in April 2020, some staffers began referring to Griffin as “Griff Krause” in a group text in a reference to Jerry Krause. 

This offseason, the Pelicans undid many of the major moves Griffin made the previous offseason by firing Stan Van Gundy as well as trading Eric Bledsoe and Steven Adams.