Thaddeus Young has averaged nearly 30 minutes per game in his NBA career. This season, Young has seen his playing time cut in half. The veteran forward isn't happy about that situation either.

“Right now, this situation is not ideal for me,” Young said. “I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve had to settle for 4 and 6 minutes a game.”

Young said he understands the San Antonio Spurs are rebuilding, but he believes he can still contribute to a winning team.

“If I get a certain amount of minutes, then I’m able to be consistent. As consistent as I’ve been in (recent) years. So far this season, I haven’t really played as much as I’ve played in the past, but with the time that I have been given, I’ve been productive," said Young. "If I’m able to play a certain amount of minutes per game, then I feel like I can continue to be as consistent as I’ve been for years, and for many more years to come.”