Bradley Beal reaffirmed he's not asking to leave the Washington Wizards in the near future. Beal said the Wizards are "going in the right direction, but still have a lot of improvements to make".

In a wide-ranging podcast appearance, Beal spoke of his commitment to Washington as being something he's proud of. He also said things need to continue to improve if he's to stay long-term. Beal also realizes he's got something special as the franchise centerpiece for the Wizards.

“Honestly, realizing that a franchise is willing to build around you. It’s not always like that everywhere. Like, if I go somewhere else, they’re just not going to build around you. They’ll build around what they have," Beal said. "There’s nothing absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if I have the chance to create my own legacy and make it work here with the team that drafted me, then why not give it a shot? It it works, it works, If it doesn’t, I can say ‘At least I tried.’ That’s just who I am. That’s my blessing and curse, my loyalty. We’re transitioning, we’re going in the right direction, but we still have a lot of improvements to make.”