The Brooklyn Nets won't entertain trade deadline offers on James Harden, sources told ESPN. The resolve is rooted in repeated assurances from Harden to ownership and management that he's committed to staying and winning a tile with the franchise.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been connected to Harden, but they have yet to make the Nets a trade offer ahead of the Feb. 10 deadline.

Harden didn't sign an extension in the preseason, pushing a decision to the summer of 2022. To stay with the Nets on a long-term deal, Harden could opt-in on his $47.4 million contract for 2022-23 and sign a four-year, $223 million extension at the start of free agency. Harden would earn $61.7 million in the last year of the deal, becoming the first player to surpass $60 million in a single season.

Harden could opt-out to become a free agent and sign elsewhere, or the Nets could agree to a trade contingent on his opt-in.