CJ McCollum has been with the New Orleans Pelicans for less than three months, but he is already fully committed to the franchise.

“I’m not going nowhere. I’m here,” McCollum recently told Andscape. “Where am I going to go? Leave for what? I want to retire here. I’m 30 years old and I have a son who is 13 weeks old. I’m married. When you have something good, you hold on to it. This is something fun for both sides. We’re going to grow. I’m still learning the city. I’m going to find a house.”

McCollum and the Pelicans reached the playoffs out of the Play-In despite not having Zion Williamson in the lineup.

McCollum will be eligible for a three-year contract extension on August 9th.

"I can’t say anything about that," said McCollum. "We haven’t talked yet. I haven’t talked to upper management. But I told my wife before I left [Portland] that ‘Wherever I go, I want to finish my career. New Orleans is on the list of places I would like to finish my career.’ I told my agent that. I’m not about bouncing around. I don’t go through free agency. I’ve been in the league nine years. Have you ever seen me be a free agent?

"When I’m committed to something, I’m committed to it. New Orleans, in my mind, I’m finishing my career here. That is how I devote myself to a city, things and people."