Chris Paul vowed to improve his play after finishing with five points in the Phoenix Suns' 111-104 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 4.

The series is now tied 2-2.

Paul fouled out of the game after playing just 23 minutes.

"It was crazy, man. It was crazy," said Paul. "I can't put myself in the situations to give [the referees] that ability to do that. I just got to look at myself and figure out how to be better."

Monty Williams blamed himself for Paul's foul trouble, saying he should have subbed the point guard out before halftime when he had three fouls.

Paul picked up his fourth with 1:52 left before halftime.

"Everybody's got to take ownership and it starts with me," Williams said. "I made some decisions tonight and put us in a tough spot. I should have kept Chris out of the game, especially right before halftime."

Devin Booker added that the game was played with a different energy.

"I've been in 500 basketball games, or something like that, and I haven't quite seen one like today," said Booker. "So, it was tough. It was a different type of a game, a different energy."

Paul was also involved in an offcourt incident during the game, with a fan ejected after harassing his mom and wife.