The Utah Jazz attempted to keep Quin Snyder as head coach, but he decided to step down after eight seasons with the team. The Jazz offered Snyder an extension.

"We have spent the last few weeks talking, Quin and I, a lot about a lot of different things," team CEO Danny Ainge said during a news conference Monday, a day after Snyder announced he was leaving. "And I think it's pretty clear, we desperately wanted him to stay. And at the same time, I've walked away from coaching and I walked away from being a general manager after 18 years in Boston, and so I trust that Quin knows more what's best for him and his family, much more than we do."

"It was time," Snyder said. "Time for the Jazz to move forward. Time for me to move forward. It just made the most sense to me."

Ainge will now undertake his third coaching search as an NBA executive.