Utah Jazz forward and breakout start Lauri Markkanen is going to have a different kind of summer from most of his NBA contemporaries. This summer, Markkanen will complete his requirement of serving in the Finnish military.

All male citizens of Finland must complete mandatory military service before they turn 30 years old. Markkanen has previously postponed his service while in college at Arizona, playing for the Finnish national team, and last season when the Cleveland Cavaliers made the Play-In Tournament.

Markkanen said while the service is mandatory, it's something he's proud to do.

"It's mandatory, we have to do it, but at the same time we take pride in it, too," said Markkanen. "I think it sets an example to serve. And I'm confident I can do it in a way that it's not going to affect my preparation for next season, either. Of course, I'd rather be working out like I normally do (in the offseason), but I've heard they do a good job of combining the two. You're able to do your job working as an athlete and your basic training at the same time."