The Portland Trail Blazers moved fairly quickly in rerouting Jrue Holiday in a trade to the Boston Celtics after acquiring him last week from the Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics traded two rotation players in Malcolm Brogdon and Robert Williams along with two future first round picks to acquire Holiday, which speaks to the type of trade market he had.

The Celtics were joined by the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers as the three teams who reportedly were in on Holiday until the end.

"I'm not sure exactly where are the offers were at the end for the Blazers before they decided on the Celtics' offer, but based on my conversations, my feel was there was at least three teams who were making significant bids." said Brian Windhorst on his podcast. "The reason it was three and the teams I really think were there in the end were the Celtics, Heat and the Clippers. The reason I think those three teams were there because I think those were the three teams Jrue Holiday was really focused on at some point being able to sign a longer term contract for. And that message kind of went out in recent days. Other teams made offers but it was sort of a three-team, aggressive race at the end.

"Only the Blazers know exactly what the offers were."