Malcolm Brogdon was happy to join the Portland Trail Blazers via trade this past summer. Part of that was Brogdon not feeling wanted in Boston.

"When I was first traded, I viewed it as an opportunity. I really did," Brogdon said. "You can ask people around me how my energy was in training camp. I was excited to be here. I was excited to be with a championship coach. And I was excited to go from a place where I wasn’t as valued, and go to place where I am very valued."

Brogdon was asked if that meant he didn't feel valued by the Celtics. He expanded a bit, while giving kudos to Chauncey Billups.

"At times. At times," Brogdon said. "I was there for a year, won Sixth Man of the Year, and they shipped me out. So like … I didn’t feel very valued there. Here, I feel valued. Portland has embraced me. And I’ve enjoyed being coached by Chauncey (Billups)."