The Toronto Raptors have entered discussions on acquiring D'Angelo Russell at the trade deadline, sources tell ESPN's Dave McMenamin. 

Russell has previously been linked with the Atlanta Hawks and the Brooklyn Nets as the Los Angeles Lakers seek a trade for Dejounte Murray.

Russell has a $18.7 million player option for the 24-25 season.

Russell could have had a no-trade clause in his contract, but he and his agent agreed to waive that stipulation. 

"I just thought it made sense," Russell said. "Obviously I've been here before, I played for the Lakers before, so I know what the requirements are to be successful here are. So, if you're part of the future here you'll be successful. If you're not, you'll get traded. And I've been traded before here. So, my approach is just a little different.

"I really just genuinely, humbly don't care because I know I can't control it, one. And, two, I just won't allow my mind to go there. I like to focus on this and you guys see how I've been focusing on basketball and not comments and what's trending on social."