The tenure of Grant Williams with the Dallas Mavericks lasted just a few months as they swiftly traded him at the deadline to the Charlotte Hornets for P.J. Washington. The Mavericks sent out a 2030 swap to the San Antonio Spurs to acquire Williams on his four-year, $54 million sign-and-trade and then sent out a 2027 first round pick along with him and Seth Curry to acquire Washington.

"The fact they gave up a 2030 swap for Grant Williams and then dumped him as soon as they possibly could, which they were determined to dump him," said Tim MacMahon on the Brian Windhorst Podcast. "Not just about getting P.J. Washington, they wanted to be out of the Grant Williams' business. He rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

"He switched from Lukas to Tatums by the way... his shoe selection.

Williams and Luka Doncic share an agent in Bill Duffy, which could have contributed to his initial arrival with the Mavericks. MacMahon also described the acquisition of Williams "a massive whiff" and that he had multiple front offices reach out to him about how Dallas improved in the short-term, but now do not control their draft capital between 2027 and 2030.