The New York Knicks had staged a comeback to tie their Monday game against the Houston Rockets at 103. After a scramble play, Jalen Brunson was called for a foul against Aaron Holiday. The Rockets guard hit two-of-three free throws to give Houston a 105-103 victory.

The only problem? The foul on Brunson shouldn't have been called.

Crew Chief Ed Malloy admitted the mistake in a postgame pool report interview. Malloy said that during live action, it appeared that there was illegal lower-body contact. Upon a postgame review, Malloy said that wasn't the case.

"After seeing it during postgame review, the offensive player was able to return to a normal playing position on the floor. The contact which occurred after the release of the ball therefore is incidental and marginal to the shot attempt and should not have been called," Malloy said.