The LA Clippers are opening a new arena next season. With that will come a new look for the team. Not just a minor rebrand, but a major one from top to bottom.

The Clippers will have a new primary logo that features a ship embedded inside a stylized "C". The team's alternate logo will feature a stylized "LA" with the A perched atop the bottom portion of the L.

The team's color scheme will still feature a mixture of blue, red and white, but with different tones. The Clippers will now feature a navy blue shade as their primary color, with red, white, grey, and eventually a power blue, mixed in.

The team also considered changing the franchise's nickname. But fan feedback showed that fans have an attachment to the Clippers name. One team official said the idea of changing the name drew "outright hostility" from fans. That wasn't lost on team owner Steve Ballmer.

"The focus groups are advisory, not definitive," Ballmer told ESPN. "But I still listen to them, and I have heard, partially to my surprise, that there is no interest in a name change. I had thought about [the name] years ago, before I got the team, but we heard similar reactions back then."

The new logos, uniforms and color schemes will begin with the start of the 2024-25 season. That's in conjunction with the team moving into the new Intuit Dome for the start of next season.