Paul Zipser was the best player in Treviso. He is a versatile player with the ability to play both forward positions. His body is ready for the NBA. His wingspan, 6’11, is also remarkable. During the weekend, Zipser showed a good job making simple plays. He was one of the most experienced players in the Adidas Eurocamp, as he played significant minutes in the Euroleague and German BBL with Bayern Munich and with his national team. On the court, he showed a solid first step, which helps him attack closeouts very well. He showed good ability on catch-and-shoot three-pointers. He is able to play as a point guard, but he also doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective. Zipser is a very intelligent player able to read advantages. He showed good footwork in the low post. He is quick, physical and tough enough to defend power forwards in a perimeter. He plays with an athletic mentality.

Michael Fusek, the Slovak center, could be the star of future. He's on a good path, but needs to work on his skills and gain more strength and bulk. Fusek is the tallest player, who has ever trained on Eurocamp, but his mobility shows something else. His wingspan 7' 5" is the second highest in the history and at 7' 4.75", he moves very well on the court, can attack the rim in offense without problems and can block shots without getting into foul trouble. Fusek played well in two games at the Eurocamp, in which he showed his performance - especially on defense and on rebounding, thanks to which he was selected to the 1st team of Eurocamp 2016, namely the top Eurocamp Center. If he improves his strength, he can be an important player for his team on both ends of court.

Petr Cornelie arrived to Treviso after a great season in Le Mans Sarthe Basket. He is a mobile 6'11 power forward able to also play as a center. His lack of upper body and core strength can be mistaken as a sign for softness, but he is not a soft player. Cornelie played with intensity using his athleticism to fly around on both ends of the court. Most of his points come from second chance opportunities. He was also able to hit outside the paint. On the other hand, Cornelie has to work on positioning and controlled phase of the game. He is a projectable stroke with the ability to attack a closeout on occasion, something impressive for his size. The native of France didn’t show his best but he has potential.

Boris Bojanovsky is listed at 7' 3", but official measuring on Eurocamp tells him 7' 2". It's the same height as one of the most improved players of this year Ondrej Balvin. The small difference is not important if you see his orientation in the paint. He showed his potential on rebounding, especially in the first game, when he grabbed 6 rebounds and thanks that he was best player of his team in this game with effectiveness 10. Bojanovsky should be more selfish in the offense with his percentage of shooting (around 70 % from the field).

Kenan Sipahi was the best point guard in Treviso. He has good size at 6'6. He is not an explosive athlete but he plays with a great change of pace in the halfcourt. He has good vision in the open court. Sipahi is a coach on the floor but he need to improve his shot because opponents went under on him in pick-and-roll coverages in order to expose his shooting. He also needs to improve his lateral quickness to defend explosive guards. He has good speed but lacks the great explosiveness that top tier point guards in the NBA league possess. However, he uses change of speed and direction extremely well, always mixing up the moves and staying unpredictable. He plays pick and rolls very well.

Adam Pechacek arrived to Treviso directly from workouts for NBA teams in the United States. The Czech center refreshed his career after a transfer from Italy to Polish team AZS Koszalin in the second half of the season, where he was the best scorer of this team. These few weeks helped him recapture his self-confidence. He played very well in two games at Eurocamp, in which he was best scorer and player on his team. He scored 7 points in the first game (Eff 10) and especially in the 2nd game showes his offensive skills, when scored 18 points and was one rebound far from double-double with 9 rebounds. But what about the last one? Why didn't he score in the 3rd game? Could he still attack the offense, if opponents know him? Maybe yes, but he needs to stabilize his performance. His athletic skills can help him, because he was one of the best players during the test of jumping.

Ante Zizic is a member of the golden generation of 1997-born Croatian prospects. Zizic is a modern center. He is 6'11 with a 7'2.5 wingspan. His long arms help him to be effective on both ends of the floor. He is a very active and energetic player. It helps him to be a great rebounder on both ends of the floor. He knows how to move without the ball and he played well pick and roll situations. He needs to improve his concentration on defense because he focus on the ball anyway he could be a good shot-blocker, thanks to his long arms and good timing. He can shot but his shooting ability does not stretch much further than a mid-range jumper. Last season, Zizic was one of the most productive european draft prospects.

Simon Pursl was one of the younger players of Eurocamp. It was clear that he needs to gain more experiences and self-confidence. Pursl is member of the Spanish Endesa League team CAI Zaragoza, but he only trains with the ACB team and is still waiting for the first minutes on the court during Endesa League game. The 19-year-old needs to begin playing against the best senior players during next season if he wants to think about a big career. Pursl showed in Eurocamp that he should not be afraid of it. He can take shots, but needs improve his percentage. He should make a decision if his future is in the paint or on the perimeter and focus on it.