Sam Presti views Perry Jones as a good teammate who can find his place on an already successful team.

“We really see him as a player that can blend,” Presti said. “We see great value in the fact that he’s incredibly talented, but he’s able to play within a team and understand how he can impact a game. He doesn’t need to be forcing the issue at all times. With our particular team, we feel like that is a huge quality that we looked at as a positive for us. The ability to play within the framework of a game and be able to impact it in several different ways.”

“To us, the ability to show some restraint and not force the issue, that’s a major plus,” Presti continued. “We look at that as a guy that is about winning first and foremost and has impacted winning. For us, we think it’s a good fit with what we have going on here.”

Thunder assistant general manager Troy Weaver explained that the team won’t slot Jones into a particular position or role.

“We won’t pigeon-hole him,” Weaver continued. “I think he can play anywhere on the front line. He’s a versatile player, but the coaches will handle that. What we see is his versatility is his strength.”