The Philadelphia 76ers are getting closer to having Andrew Bynum join them in practice.

"He said he's feeling better," Collins said. "I think he's set for another injection. Eventually they are going to pick up him running on the treadmill and that will be a huge step. We have a new anti-gravity machine that can take up to 80 percent of your body weight off so you can get over there and run and only be hitting on 20 percent of your body weight. It's a great machine especially for a big guy. You get your heart rate up. That's a big step for him to get on that treadmill and pick it up and hope his knee responds well."

Getting Bynum quicky in shape and acclimated to his 76ers' teammates will be a challenge for Collins.

"We've got some guys that I want to get in better condition," said Collins. "I think Andrew, in his career, has been a guy that has had to do a lot of conditioning without doing a lot of running. That's what happens, especially with big guys. You can't ask them to do a lot of running. He's gone through an injury before and he knows how hard he has to work. Then it's more of the timing and getting him into a rhythm and getting acclimated with our group and getting him used to playing. That's going to be a crash course."