Brandon Roy nearly called it a career after suffering yet another setback in his rehabilitation from knee surgery.

“As soon as it happened, in my head, I said 'I quit. I just quit,” an emotional Roy said. “That was my first thought, that I couldn't do this anymore.
“I'm at a crossroad in my career.”

Roy will likely retire if he can't get right this season.

“I look at it like this has got to be the last season,” Roy said. “I don't have any regrets because I know I tried to give it another season. So me saying this has to be the last season, it's not as difficult as it was last year. I tried. I gave it that last effort and it's time to move on. I'm at that range to where I'm at peace with things.”

Roy hopes to start a coaching career soon.

“Now, I think there's something in me that I can offer to basketball. There's a message that I can bring to basketball. I wasn't the fastest, the highest jumper, but my knowledge of the game helped me be an effective player at a high level,” Roy said. “Coaching at the NBA level is where I see myself. If this season is it for me, I'm not staying away from basketball. I would want to get in as soon as possible.”