The Phoenix Suns will pick fifth overall in the 2013 NBA Draft, their highest selection since 1987 when they selected Armen Gilliam at No. 2 after David Robinson went to the San Antonio Spurs.

The draft is considered very flat, which benefits the Suns at No. 5 more than certain seasons in the past.

“The guy who goes there might not be much different, or any different, than guys who go in the top three,” McDonough said.

The Suns will be the first team from the Western Conference selecting in this draft.

“I think generally we need to get more athletic,” Ryan McDonough said. “I think we need more shooting. My philosophy is always to draft the best available player. There are some good pieces in place here. But at the same time, we won 25 games here, so we need to get better across the board.”