Gary Harris declared himself completely healthy after battling through injuries to both shoulders last season.

Harris dislocated his left shoulder against Boise State on Nov. 20, and later suffered a similar injury to his right shoulder.

“I'm just the type of person that's going to play through regardless,” Harris said during the recent Kevin Durant Skills Academy. "I sat out the first two games (with a sprain), but after that I couldn't sit out anymore. I was going to play even if the shoulder fell off. So it feels good to finally get back to 100% healthy and get back to how I used to be."

The Harris family opted for rehab after seeking information and opinions on the best course of action.

"He wanted to persevere, fight through and do what he needed to do," Gary Harris Sr. said. "Full disclosure, he probably didn't let on how bad it really was. However, based on the information, we felt that rest and intensive physical therapy would be the course of action that we would pursue first, so that's what we decided to do."