Rajon Rondo has been the subject of trade rumors throughout his career with the Boston Celtics.

"This is year eight for me, and I think this is year eight for me being in trade rumors, especially around this time," said Rondo on Tuesday.

"This is pretty much the same thing I go through every year. I think this is the most trade talk maybe, as far as seriousness for me, but, like I said, I still live my life every day and do what I do. Whatever happens, I'll be able to adjust and adapt to it."

Rondo turns 28 this Saturday and he believes he is still getting better.

"I think 28 is your prime. That's what I've been hearing, talking to a lot of older. KG (Kevin Garnett)'s still doing it at a certain age; he's 37 I think. So I've at least got probably four or five more good years that I'm able to compete at a high level. I basically had almost a year off, so subtract that.

"I still can get better," he continued. "I don't think I've reached my peak. Some guys may have reached their peak at 25 and max out, but I think I’ll continue to still get better -- and I will get better."