Brandon Knight was asked about his preference for the Milwaukee Bucks' top draft pick in June, which could be the No. 1 overall selection.

Knight said he is not picky about the pick but wants the player to have a strong work ethic and be cognizant of the Bucks' 15-67 campaign.

"That's a tough question," Knight said Wednesday on Sirius XM Radio's "NBA Today" show. "That's for our team to decide. I just want a guy, whoever he is, to come in and work hard and understand the type of year we had last year.

"He wasn't a part of it, but understand we can't repeat that type of season and that none of the guys here will be in a mood where that will be repeated. Our mind-set is going to be totally different. We're going to approach the game differently. We're going to remember how this year went for us and use it as motivation."