Markelle Fultz will return to the Philadelphia 76ers' lineup as soon as he tells the team he's ready to play and is comfortable with how he's regained his shooting stroke.

"There's no clandestine conspiracy theory motive," Brett Brown said. "You know what I know. It's fluid."

Fultz played four games in October and shot 9-of-27 from the field and didn't attempt a 3-pointer. 

Fultz has since been shut down with "soreness and scapular muscle imbalance in his right shoulder."

"I think he is quite close," Brown said Fultz, who has declined to speak to reporters. "I think if we'd all watch the video we'd all probably agree with that."

Fultz's shooting stroke has looked much better of late.

"It's just something that when Markelle Fultz feels like he can go - he really feels good about himself and his health, the shoulder, everything and the medical people support that -- he knows that he has a coaching staff and a team that will welcome him in when he says go," Brown said. "He also understands the season is around the corner in terms of the end of the regular season. That's where it's at."