Gordon Hayward has begun light on-court jogging as he continues his recovery from a fractured ankle.

Trainer Jason Smeathers noted it was Hayward's first on-court run since the injury when he tweeted: "Doing some pace setting for [Hayward] for the first jog back on the court."

Hayward had been running on the team's alter-G anti-gravity treadmill and slowly ramping himself up to a level where he could be cleared to begin running on his full bodyweight.

Brad Stevens stressed that Hayward is still a "long, long way away" from basketball activities and reaffirmed that he's not playing this season.

"I saw that video. It's pretty slow running," Stevens said. "I was up there watching it the other morning when they [filmed] that. The next step of his progression is once every three days he gets on the court and does that. So as you can see it was about 20 percent speed, nothing lateral, no jumping. So a long, long way away.

"We've said it before: We can talk about the videos. He's not playing. But he might travel [with the team], and maybe we'll list him as something."