Joel Embiid is listed as doubtful for Saturday's game 4 with a sore knee.

Embiid sat out game 3 with the same injury, and missed 14 out of the final 24 games in the regular season.

Brett Brown said the 76ers need to keep buying Embiid time to return. 

"It's always best to plan that you don't have him and be really surprised and happy when you do. I think that my belief and shared with Joel and our management and owners and so on is we're in a phase, we're in a stage where we're buying time. Can we get a win and buy a few more days? Can we get another win and buy, like, a few more days? We might lose, but you're alive -- buy three more days. And so, this is just the path that we're on with Joel. There is zero doubt he is our crown jewel and just with the phase and stage and how it's played out, to my best ability, this is how I see the world nowadays," said Brown.