Makur Makur has submitted paperwork to become eligible for the 2020 NBA Draft.

"The NBA players association is helping Makur get eligible. We've submitted all the transcripts and are waiting to hear back from the league office. The NBPA thinks he will receive it. More than likely will be in this draft class," a source told ESPN.

Makur is the No. 10 recruit in the 2020 high school class. Makur turns 19 in November and is in his fifth year of high school.

The NBA's collective bargaining agreement states that "a player shall be eligible for selection" as long as he "(A) is or will be at least nineteen (19) years of age during the calendar year in which the Draft is held, and (B) at least one (1) NBA Season has elapsed since the player's graduation from high school (or, if the player did not graduate from high school, since the graduation of the class with which the player would have graduated had he graduated from high school)."