The timing of both the draft and free agency are almost certainly dependent on whether the NBA expects to resume its season in June. If the NBA anticipates being able to complete the season, then it will likely be postponed until late August or September. But if the NBA gives up hope on completing its season by early June, then they'll likely move forward with the draft and free agency as scheduled. That decision would allow the NBA's historical season rollover date to remain unchanged.

"If we do have the season resume, we probably don't have a draft or free agency until September," said Adrian Wojnarowski. "Until the season is over. But what if you wait on this and all of a sudden we get to June 1st, or June 5th, or June 10th and there's an environment where the season can't resume? Where they say 'we're going to have to.. we're not close enough to being able to return to work in the NBA. We're out of time. We have to look at canceling the season.'

"Now all of a sudden you've got the draft on June 25th and free agency on June 30th. Those very well probably then just stay in tact."