Jacque Vaughn discussed how he's developed a personal relationship with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant ahead of the Orlando restart.

Both Irving and Durant have been ruled out for the rest of the season. 

“My conversations with those guys are generally based around me checking in with them to see how they’re doing. Some of those conversations lead into basketball, some of those conversations lead into life conversations, some of those conversations might lead into ‘I have a podcast for you to listen to.’ It ranges. For me, it’s more the connection of them knowing that I’m thinking about them, and that’s for players 1-15. That connection piece is huge. I believe in voice and choice, so if you don’t have a relationship with guys, you can’t ask for that," said Vaughn.

Vaugh, who replaced Kenny Atkinson as interim coach of the Nets, is reportedly the favorite to take over the job on a permanent basis. 

Vaughn added that he was excited by the possibility of working with the duo in the future. 

"It’s great having conversations with them about the process of basketball and how they see the game. I look forward to more of those conversations, though, too.”