Tobias Harris scored a playoff career high 37 points as the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Washington Wizards 125-118 in Game 1.

"Yesterday I was watching NBA games, and I was kind of surprised. I said, 'Man, all these games are really close.' It wasn't like a real big spread in any of them," said Harris following the game. "And I think this whole playoffs, game in and game out, you're gonna see dogfights from all around the league."

Bradley Beal scored 33 points for the Wizards, who were up 62-61 at halftime. 

Joel Embiid dismissed the idea that the Sixers layoff was the reason for the Sixers slow start.

"You know we've been there," said Embiid, who added 30 points. "And we also have a goal, and to get to that goal, we got to get through these guys. So you know, the mindset is just me, it doesn't matter if it's a week or two weeks off, it doesn't matter if we haven't played in a while. That should not be an excuse."

Doc Rivers added that the Sixers would have to improve their transition defense in Game 2. 

"I mean, this team, over all the teams, they're going to force you to load to the ball and then get back out to your guy. I didn't think we did a very good job of it; second half I thought it was great.

"So we have a blueprint now to watch tomorrow and go over."