The Philadelphia 76ers do not intend to pay Ben Simmons the $8.25 million due on Friday, sources tell Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

Philadelphia views Simmons’ refusal to report to training camp as not fulfilling the terms of his contract.

The 76ers have been in touch both with league office personnel and officials from the NBPA, which has led them to believe they are within their rights to withhold the check.

The second 25 percent of Simmons' salary was due on Friday.

There is growing speculation that Simmons could respond by reporting to Philadelphia in the coming days while maintaining that he is injured and unable to compete. Simmons has noted knee and injuries in the previous two seasons. According to sources that spoke with Shams Charania of The Athletic, Simmons still is not showing up to Philadelphia and has understood the ramifications of the holdout. 

Simmons' camp has been operating under the belief that they will receive the money eventually even if the 76ers withhold it in the short-term.