The Utah Jazz and New York Knicks continue to be on a collision course on a trade of Donovan Mitchell even though talks do not currently appear to be moving swiftly. 

"Utah and New York talked last week," said Adrian Wojnarowski. "I think the Jazz got a sense of what New York might be willing to do. It's not just one particular deal. I think there's options. It's almost like a sliding scale that the more players you put in a deal, the less draft picks you want to give up. The more draft assets you put in a deal, you want to put less players in.

"If you're the Jazz, 'I want the players and I want the picks.' That's where it starts.

"I think for the Jazz, they go out now around the league and see what else is out there for Donovan Mitchell. Get a sense of what the market is, what teams are willing to do.

"I think the Knicks and the Jazz will reengage here at some point. Maybe it's this week. Maybe it's next week. Maybe it's in two or three weeks. The Jazz are not necessarily going to move quickly. The Rudy Gobert talks... that was over a period of time this summer and once Minnesota stepped up with the package they did, that was an easy deal for the Jazz to do.

"New York is motivated. They're motivated to get Donovan Mitchell, but I think they're also motivated to not just give up everything to get him. They've got four of their own unprotected first round picks. Now, people talk about seven or eight picks. I think a lot of those picks are conditional protected picks that are coming from places like Detroit and Washington. I don't think the Jazz value those the way they do New York's unprotected picks."