Following the Philadelphia 76ers victory over the Dallas Mavericks, James Harden addressed his recent absences due to left Achilles soreness. The Sixers guard said it's something he's been dealing with for longer than previously known.

"I don't know where it came from. It's been bothering me for some months, I would say," Harden said. "I just wanted to continue to play on it, and there was one point to where the last game I played, [it was] just really unbearable so I couldn't even go out there."

Harden was spotted limping off the court following the 76ers overtime loss to the Chicago Bulls on March 21. The star guard then missed Philadelphia's next four games. Harden said the injury is something he'll be monitoring for the remainder of the season.

"After the game, I went into the weight room and did some tendon-loading and things like that, for the Achilles, my lower body, my calves, things like that," Harden said. "Tomorrow I'll do something, after the game [against Toronto], Friday I'll do something, it's just making sure I'm on it."