Cleveland Cavaliers Front Office

Sources Deny Report LeBron James Has Decided To Leave Cleveland In 2018
LeBron James can become a free agent in 2018 but he remains undecided on his future.
RealGM Radio: Central Division With Nate Duncan, Dan Feldman
Host Danny Leroux, Nate Duncan of the Dunc'd On Basketball Podcast and Dan Feldman of NBC's Pro Basketball Talk go in-depth on the NBA’s Central Division.
Kristaps Porzingis Emerges As Cavaliers' Primary Trade Target
The Cavaliers would need to take on the three seasons and $55 million remaining on the contract of Joakim Noah.
Kyrie Irving, Spurs Have Mutual Interest
The Spurs have interest in Kyrie Irving while he would be willing to commit to signing with the franchise long-term.
Cavaliers Fixated On Acquiring Young Star For Kyrie Irving
While Cleveland wants LeBron James to re-sign, they are fearful of making a Kyrie Irving trade that doesn't allow them to rebuild for the long-term.
LeBron James Developing Scripted Show For HBO On Sneaker Culture
LeBron James owns a high-end sports fashion boutique called UNKWN.
David Griffin: Kyrie Irving's Trade Request Showed Courage
David Griffin believes Kyrie Irving will eventually be traded by the Cavaliers.
Kyrie Irving Unwilling To Commit Long-Term To Any Team Trading For Him
The Suns are a team seeking a long-term commitment from Kyrie Irving if they trade for him.
Carmelo Anthony Not Interested In Trade To Cavaliers
The Knicks are waiting for the Rockets to improve their offer for Carmelo Anthony.
Cavs Would Trade Kyrie Irving To Suns For Eric Bledsoe, Josh Jackson, Miami's 2018 FRP
The Cavaliers are seeking Eric Bledsoe, Josh Jackson and a future first round pick from the Suns for Kyrie Irving.

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Cavaliers Analysis

The Cultural Curiosities Attached To Kyrie Irving

by John Wilmes

Now 25, Kyrie Irving is ostensibly ready to walk away from automatic championship contests every June for the more self-as-business glory of earnestly bowing out, but doing more on the court and for longer, every April or May.

The Cavaliers Have One Unhappy Star And Three Options

by Colin McGowan

The Cavaliers have few not-so-straightforward solutions available. There's a way out of this Kyrie Irving mess, even if it's only theoretical.

Carmelo Anthony's Third Act

by Colin McGowan

The way we think now, Carmelo Anthony is a remarkable talent whose best years were squandered primarily on unremarkable teams. But turn that logic over in your head and let it settle into a fresh orientation: is beauty, rare as it is, ever really wasted?

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