John Calipari lauded would-be UK player Enes Kanter as worthy of the overall No. 1 pick.

"Yeah, he is," the UK coach said. "And, I'm telling you, people are looking at him right now and saying, 'Oh my gosh! How can I pass on this?' He's a beast. He's skill and all of 6-11. And I'm not talking about an undersized 6-7. You're talking about real size. They'll see athleticism they haven't seen.

"If you're asking me and I'm picking at 1, I'm taking Enes Kanter. That's no disrespect to Kyrie (Irving) or any of those other players. They're all worthy of that, too. That's just me, personally. Then again, I'm probably biased."

Calipari likened Kanter to "a Karl Malone-ish kind of guy."