Adam Silver is in favor of reform to the NBA Lottery, but he believes it should wait until the salary cap spike is sorted out in the wake of the league's new television deals.

"In terms of the draft lottery, as you know, I am in favor of making modifications to the draft lottery, and I brought something to our board last October which ultimately did not receive the super majority of votes that would be required to pass," said Silver.

"I'm currently of the view that's actually one I think we should park at least for a year because when all this cap money comes in ‑‑ like we're going to go from a cap of I think approximately $67 million next year in the '15‑'16 season to a cap of roughly $90 million in the '16‑'17 season.

"What I've learned from this league, having been around a long time, is that our smart teams figure out angles, approaches, that we just can't possibly model. Of course the draft is only one of three ways in which you sign teams.  There is then of course free agency and trades. It's all part of one larger system.

"My hesitation now to push through a change on the draft lottery is without knowing how our teams are going to react.  It's a massive amount of capital that's going to come in from one year to the next. Something that's never happened before in the history of this league. That's one issue where I feel that even though I think a change in the draft lottery is needed, we should wait and then take a look at it holistically when we see how the whole system will operate under much higher caps."